Sunday, October 31, 2010

If you love me....

Please come to this show!


Nov 20 (Sat) at Grappas Cellar


The 2010 Blues Event of the Year! Don't miss!

The lineup is:
Eugene Pao (Guitar)
Henry Chung (Harmonica)
Blaine Whittaker (alto sax)
Mark Henderson (Trumpet)
Vincent Lam (Guitar)
Jason Cheng (Keyboards)
Rayvaughn Covington (Bass)
Joel Haggard (drums)

Special guests:
Peter Ng (Superstar Guitarist from Ramband & Chyna)
and surprise guest!

Grappa's Cellar
Jardine House,
1 Connaught Place,
Central, Hong Kong

$228 for adults (including 1 free drink)

Call (852) 2521-2322

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Serving music ministry with Mr. Ben Ng!

Needless to say, it's a dream come true!

Ben Ng (吳秉堅)'s songs had a deep impact on me a teenager growing in a church in HK. At the time (mid to late 80's), when nobody was ready for a change in Christian music, he first broke the tradition and introduced something new to the church, i.e. songs that fit the Cantonese lyrics and had a modern touch.

The "modern" touch was not only skin deep or paying lip service. Although it bore similarity to the 80's Cantopop songs we heard on the radio or saw on TV, its lyrics were timely and described precisely what was happening in the society at that time. There were great lyricists working side-by-side with Ben's soothing songs: Vivien Yung, Peggy Leung, Dr. Chiu Mong Chun, Edwin Tanner, just to name a few, not to mention the lyricist-turned-football-commentator Mr. Calvin Poon (潘源良).

Somehow the entire "Let's Sing" movement was like a revolution. It kept the traditional hymn-like nature of typical praise and worship songs, but added a societal element to it. The youth could relate to it. Even Ms. Winnie Yu of Commercial Radio said, "Christian music for the first time was speaking directly to the outside world."

In short, Ben Ng's effect on me was not any less than Joseph Koo's. I consider them equally gifted in the art of musical composition. Of course, Mr. Koo's achievements were a lot more visible and public as his songs were played on TVB all day long. Koo enjoyed commercial success as well as critical praise. Mr. Ng, on the other hand, was more subtle and in turn, fewer people recognized his achievements. However, in my view, Ben wrote (and continues to write) beautiful melodies. His melody lines are often catchy and easy to digest, yet totally unconventional.

For a person who did not receive proper musical training (what is proper musical training anyways?), Mr. Ng's talents were considered top-notched! He always challenged himself to land on new grounds, was frequently imaginative, and tried not to be repetitive (think Sam Hui and George Lam). Even when he was repeating similar ideas, he executed them differently as seen in "A Life Worth Living" vs. "God! You're in Charge!"

For me and Roger to be producing and re-inventing two of Ben's original tunes were beyond a pleasant surprise. It was a monumental honor for us, and an experience never to forget. Ben's always humble to say he's a servant of God and should not deserve any recognition.

My wish is to let more people learn about Ben Ng - to learn that in HK, there was such a giant figure in musical composition and giving so much to make "Christian music" a definitive and real genre. The one quintessential person who worked so hard to bring this music, in his own words, to the Promised Land of Canaan.

I was talking to C. Pak, another prominent figure in Christian music, the other day about the song, "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow." C. Pak said he expects to hear that song in heaven being sung by angels and large choirs. I agreed.

I also expect to the hear the masterpieces of Ben Ng in heaven.

Miles Davis once a song called "Seven Steps to Heaven."

Ben Ng's songs and his wonderful living testimony make you realize heaven is having inner piece at heart.

Thank you, Brother Ben for all you have done for humanity.



鍾氏兄弟超越本色新嘗試,繼《鐘聲》後把自家Global Gospel Sound (GGS)推至巔峰!玩盡兩首經典福音作品!

*「親愛主」秉承「鍾」式爵士風,配合Michael Jackson御用和音編曲家Howard McCrary聯同五位美國獨當一面演唱家以六重唱方式,絕!


‧80年代香港首席結他手,闊別樂壇17年重出江湖,Chyna樂隊Peter Ng破天荒首度錄音!
‧鍾一匡藍調口琴, Bob Mocarsky,…Jezrael Lucero, 和格林美提名人Howard McCrary為首的Gospel Choir!

(14-20, 中午12時至晚9時; 21, 中午12時至晚7時)
地點:九龍彌敦道136號 A, 尖沙咀街坊福利會大禮堂

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

None of Us are Free!

Morning! Sharing a song by the late Solomon Burke with the Blind Boys of Alabama to brighten up your day.

Yeah, none of us are free!

Let the music fill your soul!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm officially back with a vengeance!

To all the devoted English readers of this blog, you're in for a treat. Not only will I start writing my musical (and spiritual) rantings again (with the revival of Bill Heid's semi-masterpiece).

My brother Roger and I have recently recorded this 4-part series on RTHK Radio 3 entitled "Rock My Soul: From Spirituals to Rock N'Roll." It's a journey through the evolution of Gospel music from the 1920's to today. The show in presented and produced by Caroline Chan of RTHK and will feature the Chung Brothers as talking guests! We'll cover every important topic from the quartet format, work song, female Gospel singers, the golden era of Gosple, the crossover period, and modern-day Gospel including the development of which in HK. It will be a roller-coaster ride and will knock your socks off! For sure!

The first episode has been aired today on 10th October 2010. Please listen here.

For those who miss my English voice doing "Jazzing Up," here's a show you don't want to miss. The 4-part series will be aired on every Sunday starting from 10/10/2010 at 8:30 a.m. You can listen to it in the archive here if you are too lazy to get up early Sunday morning to go to church.

For those who do not know Gospel music, you will find these songs pleasant and pleasurable to listen to.

The songlist for the 1st episode are as follows:-
Signature tune - Rock My Soul - Golden Gate Quartet
1. Fisk Jubilee Singers
2. Amazing Grace - Henry & Roger Chung
3. Swing Down Chariot - Golden Gate Quartet
4. Let Your Light from the Lighthouse Shine On Me - Blind Willie Johnson
5. If You See My Savior - Thomas A Dorsey

Enjoy and let the light from the lighthouse shine on you too!

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

My favorite blues pianist is back with a blast!

The last time I saw Bill was in JZ Club in Hangzhou about 6 months ago. I regret I never had the chance to really talk to him in depth about some musical rantings and sarcasm that I used have on his backyard outside his residence in Bethesda, MD. Not to mention the endless gigs I had with Bill in the US Post Office and BMW conventions in Maryland. We've been through so much. He taught me everything about the blues.

Unfortunately, in JZ Club, he was playing on his Nord (usually his shining instrument) with nice drummer Al Gordon and one of my favorite saxophonists Lyle Link. But the BA singer really stinked and I was quite overthrown by her starting to sing James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Temptations tunes, albeit not up to standard. I was thinking to myself, did I come to Hangzhou for this? I came to Hangzhou wanting to hear some swinging vicious blues by Bill Heid. I did manage to sit in with the band, but the vibe just wasn't there, and it had a lot to do with the tasteless Hangzhou crowds who went to JZ to have pseudo-intellectual conversations amongst themselves instead of giving respect to the wonderful musicians (minus one) up there on the stage.

Despite all this, when I saw that Bill Heid had a new release out, I was more than thrilled. In HK, I haven't played this kind of blues for a very long time. This is the blues I grew up listening to and loving, but very few pianists in HK can carry the zest (Jezrael and Jason Cheng being the exceptional cases). Check out the reviews from Downbeat Magazine:-

Check out the reviews on In a Blue Mood and Blues Blast Magazine.

Check out the mp3s.

Needless to say, Bill Heid is back and stronger than ever! This inspires me to play the blues the way it is supposed to play.

All I can say is, I'm back too! Deep down inside, I'm a bluesman, and Bill Heid certainly made me realize that!

You dig!

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Another fabulous piece by 吳思源: 當藝人有了信仰


2010年7月23日 星期五

文:吳思源 〈 資深心理發展作家,從心會社社長〉

Original post can be found here.








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