Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lowell Lo 2050 Concert 4DVD out now!

After a long wait, the 4DVD set has finally released. It's just exciting. It's without dispute the HK music event of the year and do witness the magic yourself.

From 彼此不要羨慕 blog:

在盧冠廷為數不多的演唱會當中,這首〈天鳥〉常常玩出與原版不同的新風貌,盧冠廷的兩次紅館演唱會都有發行實況專輯,這首〈天鳥〉在1990年的演唱會是開場曲,開首低沈莊嚴,第一遍Verse過後進入豁然開朗的快版。而今年的「2050」演唱會中,加上爵士樂界的著名口琴家Henry Chung的伴奏,是加重藍調風格的成熟版的〈天鳥〉。

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

TimeOut Top 20 Musicians

I didn't quite make it to the Top 20, but I made the "Not Quite Top 20" list and am honored as well!

Now onto my Top HK musicians:

1. Jun Kung's JunK Unit -
Possibly the most exciting live act I've seen in HK. Jun Kung's exemplary stage presence is augmented by Rayvaughn Covington's funky bass lines and Eugene Pao's fiery guitar solos. The group is by far HK's best lineup.

2. Eugene Pao Quartet (with Ted Lo, Sylvain Gagnon, Anthony Fernandes)
Truly a class act! The closest thing to a bona fide international jazz quartet in HK. Eugene's always on fire. You will never be disappointed by them.

3. Lowell Lo -
His comeback concert "2050" at the Coliseum is one of the most heartfelt and touching concerts, let alone the single most brilliant concert musically, this year, or of any year.

4. Gigi Marentette & Robert Hicks -
The rare vocalese duo now stationed at the Lobster Bar, Island Shangri-La. They sing obscure swing and blues tunes reminiscent of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.

5. Anthony Wong -
After disbanding the duo "Tat Ming Pair," Ming Gor (Anthony's nickname) embarked a solo career that would win him more fans and last even longer. Electronica is his signature. Some call him the Depeche Mode or David Bowie of HK. His new CD is much anticipated because he's trying folk. Stay tuned.

6. Audiotraffic -
Slowly getting the recognition of HK's best indie-rock band and venturing into the pop scene. I'm not surprised. There needs to be a band like that in HK and they're doing just that.

7. Sabrina Wong -
A true treasure in the HK live music scene. A fixture at the Park Lane Hotel in Causeway Bay for almost 20 years, Sabrina still brings out the sparks without all those who play with her. The reason is simple: she can sing.

8. at17 -
A successful product of the record label "People Mountain People Sea." Their new EP "Over the Rainbow" was a success. They haven't changed after all these years, still playing folk. Now they will have a jazz concert on December 4-6 with Shanghai diva Rebecca Pan.

9. Helter Skelter -
An energetic blues/rock band that has been the pillar of HK's live music for the past 8 years. Bandleader and lead guitarist/vocalist Vincent Lam is the culprit behind the sensation. Often co-billed with Audiotraffic, this band is as good and as fun, and should deserve way more public attention!

10. A-Day -
A rare folk-rock group that reminds us of the golden days of HK band sounds a la Beyond and Black Box.

Just for kicks! Cheers!



Friday, October 03, 2008

The new Anthony Wong CD is out!

Please support my harmonica playing by buying this album.



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