Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anticipating a 30-year-old comeback!

It's an art not to be over-exposed, but it's tough, especially under this climate. I enjoy playing out, but in HK, people grow tired of the same genre of music easily. Well, case in point, it took almost 30 years for Kwan Kok Ying (關菊英) to make a comeback. And I'm just starting here. Now with the SCMP writeup, the RTHK interview, and increasing number of gigs, I'm going to lay low for awhile.

But before I depart from the cultural activities, there's a show that I'm pushing:

If you love me (amend: if you don't hate me), please come. This is one of the biggest shows in HK this year. Quoting Vincent Lam, "Should be cool - if you dig the Blues... if you hate the Blues, it might suck... but if you're indifferent, I guarantee it will be a pretty good night out!" But if you dig my music, you won't be disappointed!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm on SCMP today!!!!

My fifteen seconds of fame! Click on the picture to enlarge!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I, the writer

Can't believe I found this on the internet. This is a publication I helped edit and write some eight years ago entitled "Law School Public Interest Law Support Programs: 1999-2000 Directory (2d Ed.)" while I was a research assistant at the American Bar Association (ABA). And to my surpise, it's still the authoritative voice on the subject. I was very proud to be an instrumental part of this meaningful project. And my name goes down in history!

Now my new legal career is ready to embark, it's truly encouraging to have reminded myself I have accomplished in certain areas in the legal profession. This publication is a black and white indication.

Let's hope I'll have more publications like this one in the future!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Fun Group?!

This is odd. SCMP had a profile about the mock trial for PCLL last Saturday, and Group 10 was coined the "Fun Group." But why Fun? Why not the "Profound, Sophisticated, Thoughtful, Intelligent Group?" Had me wondering....

Life's a trial for young lawyers
Nick Gentle
Updated on Jun 10, 2007

Someone once said the only reason young lawyers hang around the courts is because they have nothing else to do, and they may have a point.

That person may have been surprised, then, to discover that the 330 or so aspiring lawyers wandering about the halls of the High Court yesterday actually had something to do.

They were taking part in the mock trial - or, more specifically, trials - of a man charged with serving an alcoholic drink to someone who was already intoxicated, a completely fictitious offence (in Hong Kong at least) designed to test the advocacy skills of the soon-to-be graduating students.

The trials were organised by Vandana Rajwani, a teaching consultant and barrister, as the final test for those studying the postgraduate certificate of laws (PCLL) at the University of Hong Kong.

Ms Rajwani likened organising the event to a military operation, co-ordinating the students, a host of volunteers and the various barristers and members of the judiciary who trained them.

"The Law Society has said they want everyone [undertaking the PCLL] to do this," Ms Rajwani said.

The students had rotated through the various roles of lawyer, counsel, judge and clerk.

As the students gathered after the conclusion of their trials, the members of Group 10 - they called themselves the "Fun Group" - seemed very happy with how their hearing had panned out.

The students said they had not been phased by the court setting, as they had already had a few oral exams in courtrooms.

Leo Hoye, from the HKU geography faculty, played the part of the accused barman and also was a witness for both the defence and prosecution.

"I thought the quality of the students was very high, not just because of their English but their technique and their knowledge was excellent," he said.

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