Sunday, January 13, 2008

World-class act in Hong Kong!

Hi kiddies! Happy New Year!

Last Friday I had the privilege to share the stage with, and most importantly, witness the amazing talents of a vastly underrated blues guitarist (who I'm proud to call my friend), Enrico Crivellaro.

Because of a flight change, he was in town for a few days, and I took him for a night out in Hong Kong. I'm no good as a tour guide, but I do know roughly where the nightspots are.

Of course, Enrico claimed that he hadn't picked up the guitar for 3 weeks and thus was rusty. But when he did pick up the guitar, the music filled the room and you could see the audience's jaws dropped...I had never witnessed anything like that, not even in DC. This was truly a class act, and I wish Hong Kong would bring in more musicians like that....

Some Youtube clips for your interests:

And for the record, these do not reflect how great he is....

He truly inspired me to work on my chops and become a better player. I'm the one who's rusty!

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