Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ball is round!

伍晃榮 passed away yesterday. It's a tragic news to HK. Mr. Ng was a symbolic figure in the HK starting in the 1980's. I was a kindergarten student when I was first exposed to the unique commentary style of Ng, and he became my idol ever since. He further perfected his offbeat style as a sports commentator/anchor in the 90's where he would often cite the saying "the ball is round."

When Real Madrid came to HK, he had a memorable show sharing the commentary duty with Lam Sheung Yee, another offbeat and popular commentator. That was a historic moment.

If anybody who would represent HK, it would be 伍晃榮, for he truly defines the hard work that HK people contributed starting in the 80's. We grew up with him, and we witnessed the changes of different eras with him. He would get my vote to be one of the Olympic torch runner instead of Donald Tsang (who has recently stepped down) and Leung Chun Ying.

We miss you, 伍晃榮! Let's reminisce with these clips:-



Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My 2 cents on the Tibetan issue

I feel like in midst of the protest and boycott of the Olympics, I feel I should provide my own commentary to the hot topic.

To my pleasant surprise, I wrote 2 pieces on Tibet 8 years ago (in 2000) that still hold true to the issues today. How prospective and perceptive was I? Let's share:

Jan 19, 2000: Dalai Lama supporters lack ammunition

Jan 24, 2000: Media distorts China's occupation in Tibet

Not only were my views balanced, but they provided a lot of deep insights in the whole Tibetan issues.

Even Patrick French, the former director of the Free Tibet Campaign in London wrote, "The question that Nancy Pelosi and celebrity advocates like Richard Gere ought to answer is this: Have the actions of the Western pro-Tibet lobby over the last 20 years brought a single benefit to the Tibetans who live inside Tibet, and if not, why continue with a failed strategy?"

Then he goes on to say "[Dalai Lama's] goal, and that of those who want to help the Tibetan people, should be to negotiate realistically with the Chinese state. The present protests, supported from overseas, will bring only more suffering. China is not a democracy, and it will not budge."

Revealing enough?

For a more radical view:

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

My radio show

The 1st episode of "Jazzing Up" hosted by me will air starting on Sunday April 6, 2008, and every Sunday in April and May. In this series, I will feature the underrated giants of the soul jazz era, Oscar Peterson & his disciples, Chet Baker mood, swinging pianists, jump blues, and favorites from his own library.

If you live in HK, you can tune into FM 97.6-98.9 on Sunday nights 11pm or Wednesday 7pm for re-run. You can listen in the archive as well.

To recapture the 1st episode, click the link below:

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Thank you, Martin!

My hero and Father of Democracy of HK has announced that he won't run for the upcoming Legco election. After the retirement of Martin, Szeto Wah, and possibly Chan Yat Kwan, what will the face of democracy look like?

Are we looking to the the Citizen Party for leadership? For real?'s just hard to imagine. We wish you luck, Martin!


Thanks to Jeff for sending me this link:

Clarence's still going strong, maybe stronger than ever! A truly inspirational clip!

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