Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anticipating a 30-year-old comeback!

It's an art not to be over-exposed, but it's tough, especially under this climate. I enjoy playing out, but in HK, people grow tired of the same genre of music easily. Well, case in point, it took almost 30 years for Kwan Kok Ying (關菊英) to make a comeback. And I'm just starting here. Now with the SCMP writeup, the RTHK interview, and increasing number of gigs, I'm going to lay low for awhile.

But before I depart from the cultural activities, there's a show that I'm pushing:

If you love me (amend: if you don't hate me), please come. This is one of the biggest shows in HK this year. Quoting Vincent Lam, "Should be cool - if you dig the Blues... if you hate the Blues, it might suck... but if you're indifferent, I guarantee it will be a pretty good night out!" But if you dig my music, you won't be disappointed!

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