Sunday, January 31, 2010

《鐘聲》Back on HMV Jazz Chart!!

After 6 months of release, the Chimes is now back on HMV Jazz Chart.

It will also be on HK Records charts too!

Please continue to support The Chimes at HMV and HK Records for the following reasons:

1. Gospel/Christian music had largely been marginalized and ignored by mainstream media before, with "The Chimes" and Sammi's "Faith" album, gospel music has for the 1st time been in the limelight. Please support Gospel music so that we can prove to the mainstream media that Gospel music DOES have a market!!!!

2. To pave the way for chain stores to carry works by contemporary Christian artists!

3. Keep "The Chimes" on the charts!

The more you buy our CD at HMV and HK Records, the more likely they'll keep our works on display and on the CD front.

The key is to spread the Gospel by any necessary means possible.

Please continue to buy "The Chimes" at HMV and HK Records.

Best regards,
Chung Brothers

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