Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How the new Elton John/Leon Russell album inpsired me....

Elton John hasn't come out with an album with so much heart and this good in more than 10 years. He's back!

So is Leon Russell, the guy Elton tried to bring back.

Leon was an idol of Elton's. One day, Elton started sobbing uncontrollably after hearing someone play a Leon Russell song on his iPod. Elton then thought about giving Leon a call - what transpired the whole telephone conversation became the blueprint for an album.

After Elton heard Mahalia Jackson's "Didn't It Rain" on YouTube, he knew he had to make a record with Leon because they both share an affinity for Gospel music.

"The Union" is undoubtedly Elton's most personal albums in years, and the most inspired.

That makes me think of Ben Ng's music....again!

My love for Ben's music shares the same magnitude with Elton towards Leon's music. I even believe the sentiments are similar.

I remember months ago I heard the original "將心給我" and there were tears in my eyes. I was touched not only because it was a beautiful song. It was because it had the elements of an era so memorable that you can't re-live it. It's as if your youth has passed away and some of the stuff I loved about HK is long gone.

The old days have always been the golden days. Just like Elton remembering when he first heard Leon's tunes when he was a youth.

You can't re-live your youth. But you can re-create it so that the people of this generation can share a glimpse of that joy and poignancy. Elton and Leon shared that memory in "The Union." We did an anthentic cross-over with Ben Ng with the new gospel version of "將心給我".

It's all about give-and-take...you give so much, you take so much....but life isn't always fair.

For me, what still touches me is the nostaglic feeling within people's hearts. Elton expressed that feeling in his liner notes in "The Union." I expressed with all my heart in "將心給我" by inviting two of my idols Ruth Ng and Edwin Tanner on board.

I gave all my heart in the song, and I hope that's how I show I give all my heart to God.

Sometimes the head is important, but it's the heart that counts.

I close by introducing you to Jason's 1 Music Show featuring the new version of "將心給我" by clicking here.


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