Wednesday, May 06, 2009

10 CDs I can't tired of recently

I mean, not only is the music itself appealing, but the entire production itself is as serious as it gets. You can make good music with shitty recording, but in this day and age where you can afford to do it at a reasonable cost, then go out there by all means.

1. Stacey Kent - Breakfast on a Morning Tram

2. Khalil Fong - Love, Love, Love

3. Khalil Fong - Wonderland

4. Khalil Fong - Orange Moon

5. Joanna Wang - Start From Here

6. Crowd Lu - 100 Styles of Life

7. Diana Krall - Live in Paris

8. Diana Krall - When I Look Into Your Eyes

9. Lisa Ekdahl - Give Me That Knowing Smile

10. CMCD001

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