Friday, November 21, 2008

More on Khalil Fong...

I said I was mercifully attacked and sucked it by Khalil Fong's music lately. His song "Love, Love, Love" is a really beautiful tune that defies all logic and gravity. Regardless of what language it is in, it's just a purely perfect song. To put it more blatantly and conventionally, it's world-class.

There are two comments by bloggers which I absolutely agree. They speak my heart.

"聽Soul Boy的時候,還是抱有“睇下點”的矜持。到了聽愛愛愛,便完完全全折服於方大同的才華之下。這是一張令我一邊聽一邊流淚的專集 …"


What a song to start the holiday season!


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