Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flirtations with the season

It's late....a quick update despite my headache.

It's about music, music, music....

the album is coming along slowly but surely, there are more inspirational moments than frustrating ones...thanks to those who are helping me's easy to get lost in your own world....I gotta open my eyes more!!

Just saw Bob James & The Angels of Shanghai at the HKIJF. Wow! What an inspiring performance. Makes me re-gain faith in the while "East Meets West" concept. I can work. Feel like I can make more pretty music...

Had a nice interview with Stacey Kent. She told me the success of "Breakfast on a Morning Tram" was like giving birth to a baby, watching it grow, nurturing it with time...she also says her life has been organic and is an integral part of the world.

The weather is nice. The soft breeze gives me a sense of romanticism and poetry. Life is about living the poetry and jazz in an ordinary day.

Romance, coffee, a nice string section, the Erhu, blowing water, R&B....and lately, Khalil Fong has been in the ipod of my brain...can you believe this soulboy is making this pretty music in HK? Who says HK musicians lack talent?

It's all about hope, hipness, and the chimes....

the chimes! Good nite!

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