Friday, August 31, 2007

The best of HK's live musicians

I've done a list for DC a couple years back. Now that I've come back to HK, it's time to do something like this. No offence if you're not included in the list, but such as life.

Best Horn:
Blaine Whittaker, Vastine Pettis, Charley Huntley, Tom Nunan

Best Vocals:
Genevieve Marentette, Jennifer Palor, Sabrina Wong, Ginger Kwan

Best Guitar (Blues):
Vincent Lam, Ram Cheung, Tommy Chung (slide guitar)

Best Guitar (Jazz):
Eugene Pao, Tommy Ho, Dan LaVelle, Guy Le Claire

Best Piano:
Allen Youngblood, Ted Lo, Roel Garcia, Jason Cheng, Yoyung Aquino, Roland Salcedo, Alex Quirino

Best Bass (Upright):
Sylvain Gagnon, Paul Candelaria, Rudi Balbuena, Peter Scherr

Best Bass (Electric):
Tsang Tak Hong, Koya Hisakazu, Teddy Obate, Junior Caprio

Best Drums:
Anthony Fernandes, Melchior Sarreal, Joel Haggard, Johnny Abraham, Jun Kung, Robbin Harris, Hassan Mussefer, DC, Donald Ashley

Just my two cents...


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