Friday, April 20, 2007

I was a featured guest on RTHK Radio 3 today!

What a surreal day!

I was featured LIVE on RTHK Radio 3 on the "Morning Brew" show with Phil Whelan. Please check out the clip from the archive. Second segment, start time 7:38, end time 24:57. So enjoy!

The interview was part of the promotion of the Grappa's gig tomorrow. I talked about my struggle as a blues artist in the USA, the rise of the Clarence Turner band, pianist Bill Heid, harpist William Tang, and my idiosyncratic view of the live music business in HK. Phil was a terrific guy, and I'd like to thank Rhys Adams for setting me with the interview.

Then I went for a job interview, a visit at the dentist's office (cf. Long John Blues), the pre-study of my Sunday Bible class. I'm home now!

So come see me at Grappas tomorrow if you love me.

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