Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How cool!

I'm both honored and humbled to be mentioned twice as a jazz figure in this article called "Hong Kong's Nascent Jazz Scene" in the Asia Sentinel, thanks to writer John Lloyd.

"Italian restaurant Grappa's Cellar, in the basement of Central's Jardine House, hosts a couple of jazz nights a month, regularly featuring the Stray Katz big band, guitarist Eugene Pao, and blues harmonica maestro Henry Chung. Like Backstage, Grappa's packages these nights with meal specials.

In Tsim Sha Tsui, a rare spot for jazz in Kowloon, boutique hotel The Luxe Manor's Dada Bar and Lounge is selling itself as an upscale jazz bar, and it has recently hosted gigs by Henry Chung, pianist-singer Howard McCrary, and Cantopop producer-songwriter-turned-jazz cat Hanjin Tan. It's too soon to assess how successful it will ultimately be in that niche. And then there's tourist favourite Ned Kelly's Last Stand, which is always packed and every night shows off Dixieland combo the China Coast Jazzmen, featuring a frontman singer and trombonist who frequently downs a pint in one gulp mid-performance."

It's so cool to be part of the HK jazz community.

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