Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Kathy Lee: Chimes sharing @ Coffee Book

A few of HKBC B&S and myself went together to Chungs sharing of their Chimes CD. I think it's our first time being so close to the CD producers! The sharing was very good and it's a very interactive one.

Producing a CD album is not an easy task. Especially if you have high requirement and wanna produce... a good quality one. We do appreciate Chungs brothers on their persistence in making their dream come true. And also their passion in making a good Gospel CD for HK. Hope that you 2 can produce more good quality gospel CD in the near future! =)

This cafe is where Chungs took their CD photos. It's really nice and cozy though it's not big. We are amazed there is still someone who has the passion in running this kind of cafe. You can also find a lot of good 2nd hand books there.

You know, it's also my dream to own a nice cafe (or a 'fish-ball' shop! =P) but I know its not easy to make profit. Hope I can also have my own shop one day! =P

Good to see people still have their dreams and are making efforts to pursue them. If you do have one, go and seek it! =P

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