Wednesday, January 27, 2010

《鐘聲》首三版火速售罄 第四版強勢出擊

《鐘聲》首三版火速售罄 第四版強勢出擊

拉闊音樂光譜 挑戰發燒極限

《鐘聲 經典「升呢」再現》

2009 年HMV十大最暢銷爵士大碟
2009 年CASH金帆音樂獎五項提名

高清Mastering由美國Sterling Sound製版大師Greg Calbi親自操刀

延續《鐘聲》傳奇 請支持《鐘聲》事工

The Chimes: First 3 editions sold out; 4th edition arrives today!

Expanding the musical horizons
Broadening the audiophile spectrum

The Chimes was awarded:
One of the top 10 Jazz albums at HMV
One of the bestselling Gospel albums in HK
One of the best sounding 800 audiophile albums ever
5 2009 CASH Golden Sails nominations

High definition mastering by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound, NYC
All the proceeds are donated for charitable purposes

Support The Chimes Ministry! Buy "The Chimes" today!

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