Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some heartfelt reaction about "The Chimes"

"The Chimes" has been released for a little more than 2 months. Its success has been tremendous, which could not have been done without THE LOVE from all of you. I mean ALL OF YOU. Some would describe this "love" as "positive energy." I agree. Above all, "The Chimes"'s success is a testimony of God's grace, that is pouring out of the cup and is sufficient for our use. I gotta say, God is love, and the Holy Spirit kicks butt!

I've been sharing what others say about "The Chimes" on the web during the last few months, but I've yet to share with you MY PERSONAL REACTION to all this. First, I must say the feedback is overwhelmingly supportive. I feel that when you give people good stuff they truly appreciate it without any reservation. I've always said, "HK people's got good taste!" We've always got good taste. Look at the good music produced in the 80's and 90's! In fact, "The Chimes" is our tribute and extension to what we perceive as good music from that era: we're continuing the sacred mission of "Equator" (thanks to Vivien and Dorcas) and we're celebrating the music of Joseph Koo, James Wong, Sam Hui, Cheng Kwok Kong, Lam Chun Keung, George Lam, Wong Ka Kui, etc.

Secondly, we treasure those feedbacks that contain very constructive and helpful criticisms. There's still lots of room for our improvement and creativity. We welcome all forms of criticism and we strive for a better job next time. Here we thank those who give their honest opinions to our project and we promise we won't let you down!

At this stage, we're busy preparing the music scores, as we hope to share our songs with you at your congregation, fellowship, and worship. We hope that you sing and play these sings at your church (or at home)!

Moreover, we still have many live performances/sharing coming up. Please continue to check our calendar on our website ( for upcoming events. Stacey Kent once told me, "Once you give birth to the songs, you have to nurture them like a child." Only through live performances do our songs get to mature and marinate and we get to reveal the real spirit behind them.

We're also preparing our 2nd MV. I won't say which song yet. You can take a wild guess. But once you see it on 1G music and YouTube a month from now, you'll be pleasantly surprised. I promise it will be a roller-coaster ride of a Christian MV of a lifetime.

In closing, there are millions of people to thank. You know who you are! The Chimes's quest has just begun. I sincerely hope that the role of "The Chimes" will indeed serve as a catalyst for more excellent Christian projects and musical journeys that are about to embark. I want to give kudos to Peco Chui, Tats Lau, Jade Kwan and Sammi Cheng, etc. for having the courage to give your best to God. I pray that the future of CCM will be in good hands.

The year of 2009 will be a year to remember. A year to remember God's pouring grace, your good taste, and the future of CCM. If you find joy in what we do, please continue to spread the LOVE! Amen!

Yours truly,
Henry Chung
13th September 2009

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