Monday, September 21, 2009

Interview for Band Magazine: 鐘氏弟兄的新福音 nu-gospel a la chimes

About 2 months ago, Roger and I did a greta interview with Lenny Kwok (of Blackbird fame) for his new DIY music magazine called BAND. It's a magazine with heart and soul. You have to support it by buying it! It's one of those few genuine and organic magazine that are purely about music and nothing else. For the 2nd issue, Danny Summer is on the cover. There are interviews of p@my little airport, Koya Hisakazu, Alain Caron and of course Danny Summer. We're just honoured to be one of the interviewees.

Check out the snippets here.

nu-gospel a la chimes











Please buy the magazine to continue reading....

We truly enjoyed this interview because Lenny is very knowledgable about the music scene and he still has fire after all these years. We can feel the fire coming from the inside. Please support local music by supporting Lenny's visions!

Also, after being on the CRHK (881)'s interview on 又愛上子夜場, we found the following comments on the bulletin board:

My Melody
鍾氏兄弟的音樂沒有想像中那麼高水準, 有點自吹自雷
似乎他們身邊的人太有愛心, 把他們讚壞了!

Our response:
We thank My Melody for her comment and we will take it by heart. Every criticism is important to us and we always aim to do better. In fact, we have never proclaimed to have "high standards." We've often said it's still a learning experience for us. There's still lots of room for our improvement and we strive for a better job each time. We gave our best and we will continue to give our best in the future! If our best is not good enough, that's because we have limitations. And we are never shy to admit that.

As to "自吹自雷," if we come across as that, we'll definitely reflect upon it. The last thing we want to do is "自吹自雷." Our aim is to "do justly and walk humbly with God." We are always humble to have received comments like these.

Thank you so much for all your constructive criticism. We treasure all forms of criticism. Honestly, to have discussions on "The Chimes" means people are listening to it and care about it. There's a "talking point!"

Please keep on creating more dialogue on "The Chimes!"

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