Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 30 favourite movies in the past 20 years

Just a random list. I saw an interview with Quentin Tarantino discussing his favorite films since 1992. I thought I could contribute my $.02 to such a whimsical task. It's all sentiments. There's alsolutely no rhyme or reason. Also, in no particular order.

1. The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers)
2. Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino)
3. The Mission (Johnnie To)
4. Full Alert (Ringo Lam)
5. Heat (Michael Mann)
6. Sweet & Lowdown (Woody Allen)
7. Punch Drunk Love (P.T. Anderson)
8. Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Quentin Tarantino)
9. The Matrix (Wachowski Brothers)
10. High Fidelity (Stephen Frears)
11. Mulholland Drive (David Lynch)
12. Crumb (Terry Zwigoff)
13. Shall We Dance (Masayuki Suo)
14. Kissing Jessica Stein (Charles Herman-Wurmfeld)
15. Kicking and Screaming (Noah Baumbach)
16. Ed Wood (Tim Burton)
17. Metropolitan (Whit Stillman)
18. Before Sunrise (Richard Linklater)
19. Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess)
20. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry)
21. Groundhog Day (Harold Ramis)
22. The Life of Others (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
23. Shawshenk Redemption (Frank Darabont)
24. Rouge (Krysztof Kieslowski)
25. Un Coeur En Hiver (Claude Sautet)
26. Be Kind Rewind (Michel Gondry)
27. The Incredibles (Brad Bird)
28. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee)
29. When Harry Met Sally (Nora Ephron)
30. Green Card (Peter Weir)

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