Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Wow Hi Fi Fever 靚CD推介

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《鐘聲 The Chimes》

由鍾氏兄弟全力包辦曲/詞/主唱/的本港基督頌讚專輯,崇拜味甚濃。還請來客串嘉賓:羅敏莊'、鄧婉玲、原子鏸、Eternity Girls ----等,是重本及認真的本地代表作。無論是基督徒或仍未成基督徒者,也應一聽。


From Catherine Lam's blog entry:

This album is one of my treasures hunt in the Hong Kong Book Fair this year.

I was attracted by this unique song when i was wandering at the booth, as Micah 6:8 is my favourite. The erhu & rap contribute fantastic colours & texture to the song, so surprised to have this creative & marvellous hymn in HK.

From 得意笑妹's blog entry:





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