Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Chimes' achievements to date....

We want to give praise to God for the extraordinary achievements to date after just a week or so of the release:

1. No.1 on HK Records' Jazz & Classical Chart
2. No.2 on HMV's Jazz & Classical Chart
3. No.12 on HMV's Overall Chart
4. "A Child at Heart" on No.3 on Moov Chart
5. 1 of the 800 all-time audiophile CDs rated by 《CD聖經》.
6. 1 of the 60 all-time Chinese audiophile CDs rated by 《CD聖經》.

We want to give thanks to Iris Fung, Vicky Wong, Herman Lam + Kenneth Lo @ Tian Di Web, Kin Yeung @ Blanc de Chine, James Wong who kindly donated Coffee Book for our photography sessions.

And lastly....thanks be to the Holy One above.

Please come to the Book Fair and see us at 7:30 tonight. Support!!!

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