Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blues gig of the year!

Thanks to the geneorsity of HK journalists, I've been warmly received since returning to HK. For instance, check out this snippet from TOHK:-

"Fighting hard - sometimes seemingly alone - at the top of Hong Kong’s boutique blues circle, mouth organist Henry Chung is doing as much as anyone to keep our live music scene alive and diverse. After learning his trade in the US, and sitting in and gigging with the likes of BB King and Grammy-nominee Joe Louis Walker, the mild-mannered lawyer returned to Hong Kong a few years back and quickly set about establishing himself as the most recognisable blues name in town. Proving his diversity, he has gone on to record with jazz artists and pop singers alike, including Anthony Wong, at17, and Lo Lo, with whom he performed at the Coliseum to an audience of thousands.

Heading off in another surprising direction, Chung has just finished work on a gospel album, The Chimes, with his brother and numerous top Hong Kong musicians - one of whom is long-time collaborator Eugene Pao, who has an unshakeable grip on the title of ‘Hong Kong’s best jazz guitarist’. Pao is on stage with Chung for this night of raw and authentic Chicago Blues and 1940s and 50s blues, along with a host of other jazz types, including Canadian vocalist Genevieve Marentette."

And this from BC Magazine:

"Local king of harmonica Henry Chung and jazz/ blues guitar icon Eugene Pao are teaming up for an all-star line-up for the local blues gig of the year – also playing are Vincent Lam (vocals/guitar), Edward Chun (vocals/guitar), Bob Mocarsky (keyboards), Ah Hong (bass) and Anthony Fernandes (drums) with special guest Genevieve Marentette on vocals. The gig will be on May 16 at 9pm at Grappa’s Cellar (2521 2322) and tickets are $188 (includes two drinks)."

It's THIS COMING SATURDAY. The word is that there are a few tickets left. Make your reservations now at 2521 2322!

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