Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Culture shock

Back to blogging! Like Mickey Rourke, I'm back with a vengeance. This time I am more energized than ever!

Recent thoughts:

In HK, there are still people who make their own art without paying attention to what others might view them. In effect, that should be the right attitude. But people in HK are so afraid of being laughed at. What is the fear? Just do your thing. Just do it!!

These are some things I admire lately:
1. Cheer Chan's early folky music - makes an interesting parallel with "Juno" soundtrack
2. SIU2 - Ng Cheuk Yin's fearless project to blend traditional Chinese music with western influence. Fantastic!
3. Khalil Fong's unconventional wisdom to put his Stevie Wonder influence on the forefront of his music and is never afraid to admit it!
4. Christina Chan's courage being a pre-Tibetan independence supporter!
5. LSD - need I say more?
6. Woody Allen - Always gutsy with taboo subjects. Always finding edge in the seemingly mundane subjects.
7. My Little Airport
8. Chet Lam

Fear is the worst enemy of hope. Just find joy in what you do!


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