Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unforgetting shows

Some shows, due to some reason, were just perfect, and you'll never forget them.

I've had a few: Blues Alley with Clarence, Mid-Atlantic Blues Allstars at Mandarin Oriental in DC, Lowell Lo at the Coliseum, Innonation gig with Gigi and Dan, Fringe Club gig with Bill Heid, etc.

And then there's NYE with Deanna Bogart at Rams Head in 2005.

David captured it so well here:

"We took Becky's cousin Pam and her husband Ben to the New Year's Eve show in 2005.

There was a small dance area next to the stage. There was a great band. We wanted this to be a great event for Pam and Ben.

I tried to get our buddy Henry Chung to go but the $125 plus cost was too high. Henry is from Hong Kong and had been playing blues harmonica for several years around DC and Baltimore. Henry is a stand-up guy. Too bad he has moved back to Hong Kong to work as a lawyer. We all miss him.

I told Henry to stop by Ram's Head anyway and I would come outside to hang with him. We were chatting with db before the show and my phone rang. It was Henry!!! So db told the guy at the door that Henry was with her. Then we fixed him a plate at the buffet and put him in with the sound man.

Our seats were right in the front center of the stage so I put Henry's harmonica box on the stage. The room temperature was warm and getting warmer. We were wearing dress clothes.

The heat started to rise as the band played on. Pam started to get woozy and left for the bathroom. Ben got really concerned so his mind left the show. Henry joined us by squeezing in at our table. db did a sweet thing and let Henry sit in with the band for several tunes. The crowd loved it! Pam & Ben were kind of out of it.

The heat continued to rise and at about 90 degrees Henry took Pam and Ben back to the hotel. Becky and I came on a shuttle so we didn't have a car. Becky and I stayed through the end of the show and Henry came back. We hung out for a while and Henry took us back to the hotel.

As I said Henry is a stand-up guy. db is also a stand-up lady for letting Henry join us and play some tunes.

It was an interesting night…


It was interesting indeed, one of the few highlights of my uneventful music career.

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