Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lovers, the Dreamers & Me

Finally, a writeup of the Rebecca Pan x at17 "Jazz Up for the Party" concert. Including hte set list too. Very worthy of check it out here!

Check out my interview of at17 here.

That seems to be a bevy of attractive concerts comcing up: Leehom x HKPO, Lisa Ono, Chick Corea & John McLaughlin, etc.

I've interviewed a few musicians now. It's time to share my thoughts of them.

I recently interviewed Jane Monheit. She was a bit short with the answers. She seemed unsure of her new project.

On the contrary, Stacey Kent was full of life and energy. She was especially fond of her new CD and says she has nurtured it and is watching it grow.

My all-time VIPs: Yao Lee, Howard McCrary, Uncle Ray Cordeiro, Teddy Robin, Lowell Lo

Great and humble: McCoy Tyner,The Yellowjackets, Mimi Lo, Jennifer Palor, Scotty Wright

Can be a little more enthusiastic: Bianca Wu

A bit short on the answers: Sadao Watanabe, Shunzo Onho, Heidi Krenn

In short, I'm a lucky guy!

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