Friday, November 21, 2008

This is the season for jazz!

This is another album that moves me these days. Stacey Kent has established herself as a fine jazz singer long time ago. But this album truly showcases her talent as an artist!

In a recent interview, she told me this was her most satisfying album in terms of personal musical achievement. I could not agree more. The selection of the songs is careful and well-paced. There's only one or two songs that would lose the audience's interests. For the most part, this album is engaging, fun, and easy to listen to.

Easy? Yes, it soothes the ears and that's not a big thing. Some people try to make things complicated (in a bad way) but Stacey keeps it simple. The songs "The Ice Hotel," the title track, and 2 others are co-written by her husband/tenor sax player/producer Jim Tomlinson and award-winning author Kuazo Ishirugo. "The Ice Hotel" won the 1st prize of International Songwriting Competition.

But the two songs that hit me the most is "Landslide" (see previous entry) and "Samba Saravah." I always love a nice bossa nova beat. But when it's delivered well, it's more than a joy. It's heaven. Stacey did just that!

It's about timing, restraint, playfulness, and class.

Not to mention that the album was mixed and mastered excellently, which adds to the ful ambiance of the sound.

Some people tell me that Stacey sings better on albums than she does live. I've yet to hear her live. But the mere fact that she put out this album is a monumentary step in her portfolio.

With this album, Stacey Kent has placed herself on another level. She has become a true musician. Highly recommended!

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