Sunday, November 30, 2008

Minor reflections...

It seems like in these past two years, I've been hiding my emotions well. Where has my passion gone? It seems like nothing can bother me these days.

Maybe I have forgotten that I am still that fragile person I once was before...maybe I've grown immune to hurt feelings....slowly I'm not feeling anything, and that's pretty scary!

It's easy to blame the bustling HK society for not giving me a moment to breathe or reflect upon myself. Work, church, and music have occupied most of my life. But where is the rest of me?

Maybe I need to be more selfish and give myself some private moments.

Maybe some Bread or David Gates would help.

Maybe I need someone to break my heart so I can feel again.

I have God. I have music. I have my daily anxiety.

I miss my human side of life....I miss you....

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