Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making your art in HK

I've been blessed b/c my art has been appreciated in HK. People have been receptive towards my vision, perception, and ideas.

Of course, art is subjective. I once heard from a friend, "You would be considered successful if you could make someone biased towards your art." Well-said!

In a place like HK (which is one big shopping mall), where most people are in for the commercial, LV-induced, stock market-oriented, luxurious lifestyle, it's even more difficult to make people biased towards your art.

That's why I admire those who like Khalil Fong who expresses his art in a naked way, without any barriers. He just presents his art as it is. Check out this comment: "要一口氣聽,每一首歌,細節若如樹頂上迎著陽光的嫩葉,內容像枝條繁茂但分明有道,一脈相連的風格,惟獨木不成林,要一氣呵成,沿著盤根交錯鑽在方大同創作的土壤上連成一體的聽,儼若走進生氣盎然的花園,盛放《愛愛愛》。 ...方大同的創作才華,是看得到樹的高矮而不知其根的深淺,香港樂壇十年難得幾回有。"

That's what I aspire to do: to present my art as it is.

It's not easy to do.

But there's one thing that can help you overcome (and not embrace) all challenges and obstacles. That is, you gotta do it with all your "heart."

Even if you do it with all the heart and you do not receive the anticipated success. Don't worry! Because art is subjective. Your effort is worth a million words.

The key to make art in HK (or anywhere): To have a heart!

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