Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's hip these days!


Henry Chung playing "Skybird" alongside Lowell Lo. That's hip!

The new Joanna Wang album. Mimi Lo singing Canto-jazz. Jun Kung's Junk Unit w/ Rayvaughan Covington on that funky bass.

at17's new album esp. the track "那年十七歲". Harry Ng's kidult arrangement on Andy Lau's "一晚長大". Anthony Wong's new song "廣深公路."

Uncle Ray Cordeiro. Teddy Robin goes to the movies.

Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, Bill Evans, Lennie Tristano, west coast cool jazz!

Coltrane playing with Red Garland's trio.

Joe Pass playing Charlie Parker tunes. Tommy Ho playing Joe Pass's licks.

Everything that swings! Swinging hard!

The blues is always hip in my book, esp. jump blues.

Gavin Fallow playing in Jeremy Pelt's "Wired" band.

Bill Heid, Big Joe Maher, Deanna Bogart, Carey Bell, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson.

The new Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis blues CD.

The new Zhou Xuan/Yao Lee remastered CD.

Hanging out at Peel Fresco, 71 bar, Melting Pot, Canny Man, Slim's, Smugglers' Inn.

Jenny's Bakery. Kubrick Friday Live.

Me. I'm still hip!

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