Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I still love the blues...

My three-month tenure at the RTHK Radio 4 has come to an end. I'm quite satisfied with the song selections that I've lent to the programs, only to find a few essential artists missing from the mix, e.g. John Coltrane, Miles Davis. Oh well, you can't really include everything. But all the songs were chosen from my private collection and at some point in my life had a rather profound impact. Most of all, I was back being a DJ again, after my 14 year absence from WNMH, FM91.5, Gill, Keene, and Brattleboro. What a nostalgic feeling!

I've been involved in a lot of commercial releases lately. I've been quite far from the blues. But I still love the blues. The blues is still part of me. I miss playing blues with the likes of Clarence Turner, Bill Heid, Big Joe Maher, Deanna Bogart (congrats to her for winning best horn for the Blues Awards!). I miss playing with authentic blues players. That's the price you have to pay for working in a law firm in HK.

Jazz-wise, I haven't come across any impressive local acts lately. The Shunzo Ohno gig at the Fringe club was sadly a self-indulged disappointment. Come to think of it, I think the best jazz was when I happened to hop into Juliette's Wine Bar some 9 months ago when I encountered a nice groovy local trio. They were "in sync" and knew each other well musically. Good music doesn't require big names; it just needs chemistry.

I have no concrete idea of I want to do next musically (I never do). But good things are due to come. So stay tuned, and be fascinated!

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