Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moral support

Wow! Haven't updated in awhile. Work has occupied 90% of my time. Musically, I've come to the tip of an iceberg. I haven't been able to create anything groundbreaking lately. Fortunately, the live shows been up to my personal standard. I was really pleased with the Philia show. I didn't go out of my way to play my guts out, but for what I was doing, I put a lot of restraints into my soul. It turned out to be enjoyable, cuz I didn't overdo it.

And then I was told by half a dozen people that they really enjoyed our Kubrick Live show (one even told me it was the best concert she's been into in awhile), which gave me some reassurance and comfort. Here were some comments I found on the web:

From WinKris:

係油麻地Kubrick Cafe演出geh "Henry Chung & The HK Blues Allstars"。



From Lolita Summer:
"上星期五的Kubrick Friday Live


Henry Chung & The HK Blues Allstars








不計較拍子 不用跟樂譜

各自各精彩 又能配合得天衣無縫

Mood is everything~

永遠那麼隨意 那麼playful


Today I'm going to play at a good friend's birthday party. Wednesday at a kickoff party to raise fund for children with cancer. And then Saturday the big show at Grappa's.... I'm going to play my best. I can't wait to play!

Hope you will support me, whether in presence or in spirit.

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