Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peace at night

Just came back from a Jacky Cheung concert. It was good but not great. I wasn't particularly pleased with the song choices and the rundown of the show. I'm much more at peace listening to Joe Pass playing Charlie Parker tunes now in the dark, in front of my computer. Late night is a luxury for me now (since I do have to get up early every morning for work), but it's still my favorite time of the day.

Had a good long MSN chat with Chloe and we talked about everything from family to what the future holds. I told her I am trapped in my own talent and she thought that sounded very romantic. She's a good listener of my horrible rants. I rant a lot. Anyway, I have a lot of things to be thankful about, but I always pick the bad things to complain about. It's part of my nature. Gene's encouragement really helps these days. He told me to count my blessings. I'm doing that now. Thanks Gene!

I'm jealous you'll be playing with James Mabry and Timm Biery. Damn! Thanks for sharing my interest in the Paul Simon song. Oh mine, we think alike.

The mood swing hit me again and I'm really feeling the blues these days. It's difficult for others to let you in their lives. It's an even sadder event when someone initially opens it for you and then shuts it suddenly. It's hard to stay warm inside when people around you are cold. I guess you'll just have to try. Trying is not easy as it seems.

The wall around me may not be all gone, but I hope you see progress.

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