Friday, April 13, 2007

Legitimate soul

All this time, I've been trying to find the correct definition of this abstract term. I found it. Dr. Conlin puts it best:

"Legitimate soul = the ability to both understand and appreciate *all* of those different nuances that go into the core meaning of the blues... and most importantly to not treat them like an act, a gimmick, or a feigned identity, but just to instead be able to understand them as real life and give all due respect."

This definition should go straight into the Webster Dictionary and be recorded in the Library of Congress. All my life I've been trying to do it, musically or otherwise. To live a meaningful life is the life-long search for legitimate soul. Some people find it in music, others find it in working in investment banks(?!). I find it in trying to live my life in a way that would indirectly affect others when they see the way I enjoy myself by making them feel good. And they can tell it's genuine and not make-believe. Accordingly, the chi/energy follows.

That's why Jeff's definition merited an entire entry of its own. Lou Donaldson once said, the blues is the conflict between men and women. B.B. King says the blues is only a style of music, and it's not necessarily gloomy. Buddy Guy speaks of the blues like this: "A lot of people tell me, Blues, they make you cry. I say, then you better not come see me, because I will make you the happiest person you ever seen!"

I'll never understand it all. But you don't have to. Who expects to walk into a Wayne Shorter concert and *get* everything? And if they tell you they do get it, you can be damned sure they're lying.


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