Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reasons for MIA

Well, apparently I've been struggling with the new Blogger format and they want me to get a Google account. It seems now that Google has signed a contract with Blogger I'm forced to sign in with a new account. Hence the long overdue update of my otherwise uneventful life (compared to a lot of HK people).

Played a wonderful gig with Gigi, Dan, Sylvain, Alex Quirino and DC @ Innonation last Saturday. This was one of my more memorable gigs in recent history because I was playing with a smokin' band and we were doing very sophisticated stuff like "Ugly Papa" by Julia Lee and "Long John Blues" originally sung by Dinah Washington. Most of all, it was great to drag Gigi out of her hotel environment and showcase her vocals skills, as the world needs to hear her. So many of my friends came out ("Thank you!") and they were charmed by Gigi's sultry vocals and stage persona. Some of them told me, "Initially we came to see you, then we saw the singer..." That's what this was all about. Special thanks to Justin @ Innonation (who's getting married in less than 2 weeks) for providing a venue free of charge for me to let my feelings out.

Another piece of good news is that I passed my first semester exams at PCLL. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy exam to pass. I still remember my whole right hand soaring during the Civil Drafting exam. So I'm relieved that I passed. And I need to be extra careful with the second semester. More time will be allocated from now on to studying.

These days I'm rooting for Dear Daniel who's an underrated stuff animal and who has a pretty generous personality and big heart. I also long for some warm vitasoy milk in bottles. More new entries for Christian music contest organized by ACM. Still crazy after all those years...

Thanks to those who were by my side during the darkest times of my life.

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