Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm still the coolest bloke around!

Weird mood. Cheerful yet still could use some more inspiration. Well, it's not the Chet Baker kinda season, nor is it the time to review "Before/After/During Sunrise/Sunset." But I'm just sorta in the witty/playful type of mood. Kinda like Basil Fawlty or David Brent. Looking forward to April Fools Day so I can play a prank on someone.

I need a small break to gather my thoughts and organize them in a kaleidoscopic manner. Flower them with a little bit of Erroll Garner and a little bit of Oscar. Need to say I was in awe with the legendary Chucho Valdez. My jaw dropped and I was blown away by the wayward wind. Makes me want to pick up the "Buena Vista Social Club" CD I once lent someone some 7 years ago and never received it back. I feel Latin and rhythmic.

Pleasant jazz is nice. A little bit of above-par coffee is even nicer. A slow stroll outdoors on a lazy afternoon is lovely. Maybe a little Mose Allison and some Van Morrison. Making cynical comments about mediocre films. Spending quality time with those who share your dreams, passion, and love for life. Sooner or later the time and place become irrelevant and a mutual understanding emerges.

James Taylor is a genius for he totally understands the "Secret O'Life." This song has been my motto for life:

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time
Any fool can do it
There aint nothing to it
Nobody knows how we got to
The top of the hill
But since were on our way down
We might as well enjoy the ride

The secret of love is in opening up your heart
Its okay to feel afraid
But dont let that stand in your way
cause anyone knows that love is the only road
And since were only here for a while
Might as well show some style

Give us a smile

Isnt it a lovely ride
Sliding down
Gliding down
Try not to try too hard
Its just a lovely ride

Now the thing about time is that time
Isnt really real
Its just your point of view
How does it feel for you

Einstein said he could never understand it all
Planets spinning through space
The smile upon your face
Welcome to the human race

Now the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time

It's funny to review your old blog entry. I wrote this on September 2005:
"Think globally. Act locally" is a pretty darn pretentious slogan. I say, "Have a global support network, but retain your local friends because at least you can meet them at Starbucks."

That's simply brilliant!

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