Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm still a hip cat!

There's nothing that beats a warm bottle of Vitasoy now that comes right out of the warmer.

This has been a nice week so far. Ever since I came back to HK, I seem to have exceled in every element possible. I'm surrounded by positive energy of people around me. And in return I give off a positive vibe too. So things like Vitasoy really cheer me up.

I also discovered a used bookstore on Park Road that serves lunch too. I bought an old Tao Kit book for a mere $25. Went to Tom Lee today and saw some nice mini-xylophones and melodicas. Didn't buy any, but the sight of these pretty instruments gave me tremendous thrills. What a day!

So I saw a mini-documentary about Vince Guaraldi where his son talks about Vince's trio. He said, "You walk in the room, and you find these hippest cats in town." Back in Washington DC, I was coined a "hipster" by lifestyle afficionados. Now in HK, I haven't made known to other hipsters I'm in town yet. But somehow they seem to know.

The below clips are a testimonial of hipness. How can you get hipper than Jimmy Witherspoon and Ben Webster, backed by the incomparable Vince Guaraldi trio? Thank God for Peanuts!

Remember, don't piss on Louis Jordan's grave!

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