Monday, January 22, 2007

Pebble Beach

Background Music: Vince Guaraldi Trio playing "Pebble Beach"

I'm just really happy, for no apparent reason.

Done a lot this weekend, and managed to squeeze everything in, in due time: The Law Fair, preparing the material for Sunday Bible School, going to the Saturday night worship, the SG exercise, and even completing my first attempt at both composing the melody and lyrics for a Chinese song (hymn)! That was a first for me.

That piece is an entry for the MEM competition for original compositions of worship. The deadline is this Thursday. Once the sheet music is completed, I'll post the pdf file here for you music lovers' inspection. It's a waltz in 3/4 beat in D with an emphasis on its own playfulness. I envision the background beat to sound like Anthony Wong's "Little Prince," with a spice of European touch. So, accordion and violin may be needed, we'll see.

Also, *the concert* is coming up this Friday. I would like to thank especially my PCLL classmates. After my initial lowkey announcement, the response from them is just overwhelming. Thanks especially to Keith Lau and Mr. Holden, who are so keen in spreading the word. And also to my family and my dear non-PCLL friends for their support. This is going to be a kick-ass concert, I know it. And most importantly, it's my first full blues gig in nearly five months. I'm going to give my 110%.

And I'm looking forward to this semester's homework, although I still need to gather my thoughts together. Today is only Monday, and I already look forward to this week!

Tomorrow will be a fabulous day!

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