Sunday, December 31, 2006

I feel good (I got you)

Much has happened since I last posted. The Taiwan earthquake caued HK's internet to halt for a few days. Both James Brown and Saddam Hussein died. Cruelty still persists in this world. My enthusiasm and love for life have continued. Got a surprisingly lovely e-mail from an insightful someone. People continue to treat me well. Still sentimental as hell but James Taylor's Christmas songs seem to calm me down and put me in a chilled holiday mood.

Happy new year to those who I care about.

Do I have plans for 2007? Safe to say that I know what I'm doing in a nutshell. But I haven't planned anything too detailed. As I grow older, I understand making covenants seems like a grandiose idea at the year's start, but it's almost impossible to accomplish the tasks. Many changes happen during the year.

So what do I have to say for the new year?

Nothing, except I really look forward to it.

I look forward to really digging deep into the true meaning of the blues and *saudade*. I want to be able to understand when someone like Elis Regina or Astrud start singing about the subject matter.

To end the year, I am going to say something quite convention: "Don't get around much anymore."

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