Sunday, November 05, 2006

Photos from Regen Ceremony

Here are some photos from yesterday's ceremony:


車淑梅,李力持,王雅文, other Regen and RTHK staff





The dynamic duo (黑白雙殺)

I was extremely fortunate to take part in such a meaningful event. Thanks to the Regeneration Society for inviting my brother Roger and me to be involved in the process. My brother wrote a theme song for Regen's annual ceremony, and we got to perform the song as the opening act.

The ceremony was to celebrate the 10 bravest regenerated individuals (十大再生勇士) in the past year. Everyone had a unique story and they had all overcome their deficiencies and succeeded in their own lives. They serve as inspiration to me since they have never given up in life. I've had very minor obstacles in my life yet I always find myself complaining. Yesterday was a humbling life experience and next time I complain, I need to remind myself how fortunate I've been.

Those who want to get a taste of the ceremony last night, click here and tune into 37:00. Enjoy!

Before the ceremony, my brother and I were in the lunch room with some of our most revered RTHK DJs such as 車淑梅, 李力持, 王雅文, etc. They were very easy-going and we chatted about everything. Especially with Director Lee, we chatted about our favorite Stephen Chow films and his desire to create Disney-like family-friendly films in Hong Kong. I also chatted with Ms. Wong about Chinese oldies and how I used to listen to her program when I was younger. All of us clicked immediately as we share similar interests in music and film.

All of the DJs were very professional as they rehearsed everything once from beginning to end and had the rundown ready about 2 hours before the show. They really give the HK entertainment industry a good name (after all, they are from RTHK).

My most sincere thanks go out to the Regen Society members who planned the event and the volunteers who helped out yesterday. It could not have been more successful. It was an unforgettable experience.

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