Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The things that put a smile on my face these days:

1. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
2. Nina Simone's "Just in Time" at the end of Before Sunset when Celine starts dancing to it
3. Volver
4. Reminiscing Billy Childs' superb piano solos at last night's Chris Botti concert
5. Looking for late night snacks in the Western District
6. Feeling to true school spirit of HKU in the evening on its less crowded campus when Starbucks is closed
7. Reading blogs of others who share similar interests with me
8. Longing for an intimate environment for quality late night jazz
9. Putting a smile on the face of someone who you didn't think they would in the first place
10. Loving the law again
11. Missing playing the blues
12. Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington
13. Chet Baker
15. Nina Simone

Knowing that I'm laughing at you because you didn't realize I missed Item #14.

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