Monday, October 30, 2006

Before and beyond sunset

I have a recurrent theme or two, like the Chet Baker Mood, autumn feelings, taking life seriously yet remaining playful, and the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I find myself revisiting the last theme as of late.

It's interesting to compare what I wrote on April 2004, and contrast it with my entry in July 2004.

The basic premise hasn't changed, only the location has been altered. Great directors have a way of romanticizing reality, like Peter Chan's Perhaps Love, wkw's 2046, Mabel Cheung's An Autumn Tale. My feelings run the closest to Richard Linklater's, however. This is a great website that discusses happy endings in romance films.

These two movies stayed with me all these years, partly because I grew up with them (I remember first watching Before Sunrise when I was about 16 or 17 and absolutely loved it), and partly because it reflects my 29 years of humble existence. In pursuit of values that are both real and human, sometimes your life is affected by the most insignificant word or thing or moment. It's that ONE SECOND that changes your life completely. It's because YOU CARE. Doesn't matter where you are and doesn't matter what the people around you think.

Life is a waltz. You make it the best of when you strive for some form of perfection. It could be an imperfect achievement, yet finishing it in an art form is essential.

Perhaps I'm rambling because I'm affected by an autumn mood or whatnot. In reality, I'm suffering from sleep deprivation.

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