Sunday, August 06, 2006

Being human

Growing up is part of being human. You make mistakes growing up. You make lots of mistakes. But the blessing is that even though you can't re-live your life, you are fortunate not to re-live it. Rather than regretting yesterday's mistakes, you should live for tomorrow. Call it a paradox if you will, but it is the PRESENT that counts. Enjoy the moment, whether you're working or playing or simply meditating. Ostensibly, time is of essence; ultimately, time is just a measurement of intangible bits and pieces.

To become happy is an art. There's no set method to achieve happiness. Depressives may even argue happiness is not the ultimate pursuit. I do think being happy is part of life's most essential things. There are too many heartbreaks and teardrops in one's lifetime. The truly happy moments are extremely rare. But these moments come when one is least expected or just little things. The airport is one of the places where happiness just pours out.

The human connection is a strange phenomenon. People connect differently. It's hard to let somebody into your life, and vice versa, and when that happens, the connection begins and it's a precious thing.

The human connection is a portal to happiness, which is part of growing up. Hopefully, you get better at it as you grow up.

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