Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wing revisited

Two years ago, I debuted some of Wing's music samples on my website and I predicted that one day she'd be as big as William Hung. I don't know if she has surpassed Hung's success, but the sale of her CDs has skyrocketed, and her pupularity increased. In the past two years, although Wing has not significantly improved her hideous vocals, but her entertainment values have not decreased one bit. Her songs still put a big smile on my face. So Wing, I thank you for making me happy next to The Office, Ali G, Larry David, and Softhard telephone tricks.

Here is the best of Wing:
1. Back in Black
(from cd 10 - Wing Sings AC-DC)
2. In The Ghetto
(from Wing Sings Elvis)
3. I Could Have Danced All Night
(from cd 2 - I Could Have Danced All Night)
4. Do-Re-Mi
(from cd 3 - The Sound of Music and the Prayer)
5. Phantom of the opera
(from cd 5 - Wing Sings All Your Favourites)
6. Dream Lover
(from cd 7 - Wing Sings The Songs You Love)
7. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
(from cd 8 - Beatles Classics by Wing)
8. Dancing Queen
(from cd 9 - Dancing Queen by Wing)

For more samples, please go to Wing's website.

Warning: Wing did not pay me to advertise her website in anyway. It was my personal discretion.

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