Friday, May 12, 2006

Stepping out

The last 6 weeks have been some of the busiest 6 weeks in my life. Started my new job and have been working non-stop Monday through Saturday, not to mention balancing my work life with some meaningful gigs. Life cannot be better.

Though busy, I've been mysteriously optimistic lately. I feel like the past few weeks have made me understand life a little better. The best medicine is the world is a good sense of humor. People who have a sense of humor live a longer and healthier life. Humorous people make a world of difference. A good sense of humor also eases embarassing situations.

Music is also a solution to many things. Musically, I've accomplished the "almost impossible." I managed to meet and hang out with B.B. King in his dressing room at B.B. King's Blues Club in NYC. B.B. was probably the nicest gentleman I've ever met. This is a man who's seen everything and been through life and he's still the humblest human being. He showed genuine emotions on stage as he generously thanked his fans for being there for him all these years. "I'm 80 years old. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys." That night, B.B. played his ass off. I had never seen him play so many licks before. He played for 2 hour and 15 minute straight without intermission, and he didn't want to end to show. B.B. was at his prime and I'll always remember our conversations.

I also saw Norah Jones' country band "The Little Willies" at Rams Head. Norah was very relaxed and the project was loose but playful. I liked this band better than her usual commercial lineup. Side projects like this are fun, as Norah shows no ego and she's just as playful and youthful like a 26 y/o girl that she is. She knows she's very lucky yet she shows she genuinely loves the music.

I've been fascinated with country and western music lately and realize how much roots it has in the blues. The good old country, honky-tonk music was both deep and fun. No wonder why Ray Charles spent much time interpreting country songs in his comprehensive songbook. That's much to explore in country music, and I mean, true country music, not the Garth Brooks, Keith Urban crap.

Just a few random thoughts:

My cousin's husband passed away unexpectedly in Toronto due to cancer. My condolences to my cousin and her family (especially her two sons) and I pray God to take care of his body.

Legendary jazz piainist John Hicks died suddenly. Hicks was one of the most elegant pianists I've seen. God rest his soul.

Bill Heid bought a Mac Book.

I pray to have the troops come home safely from Iraq. This is an cruel and unjustified war and it needs to be stopped immediately.

Last but not least, I want to extend my "Happy Mother's Day" greeting to every mother in the world, especially my Mom. God has been amazingly fair to me. I've got incredible talents and am tremendously fortunate to have such an incredible Mom. I have no complaints and I am thankful every day. I can't wait to reunite with my family soon.

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