Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Delbert is just Delbert!

Heard a lot about Delbert McClinton. Never saw him live until last night at the Birchmere. I was fortunate to witness what the Grammy winner did best: entertain the crowd. And honestly, it wasn't an easy thing to do. At 66, Delbert is still going strong, or shall I say, he's only at the beginning of his now hyped-up career. Putting on a good show was only its side effects, the delivery was the highlight of the performance. With a tight band like that, even though Delbert didn't play an instrument (well, the harmonica for like two minutes), he was able to anything that he desired to do.

It's unfair to call Delbert a blues or a country singer, because he is both and he is neither. He has his own definitive sound. I call it feel-good American party music on the same veins with Jimmy Buffett, Deanna Bogart, Marcia Ball, etc. It's influenced by New Orleans and good old honky tonk tunes. Moreover, none of his tunes are covers; they are all his originals. You gotta respect someone who's been doing his thing for years.

I have seen much better shows than Delbert's. But one thing I learned is that if you keep whatcha doing and digging what you do and doing it well, it's going to move and resonate with someone eventually. And they will like you and become your fans. Not just in the music industry, but all across the board. It took Delbert more than 40 years to get to the top. You and I can too.

Just keep doing it.

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