Monday, March 06, 2006

The biggest disappointment since Bush won his second term

Kenneth Turan from the Los Angeles Times had the following painfully truthful commentary about Crash's win last night:

"You could not take the pulse of the industry without realizing that [Brokeback Mountain] made a number of people distinctly uncomfortable. ... In the privacy of the voting booth, as many political candidates who've led in polls only to lose elections have found out, people are free to act out the unspoken fears and unconscious prejudices that they would never breathe to another soul, or, likely, acknowledge to themselves. And at least this year, that acting out doomed Brokeback Mountain....Hollywood likes to pat itself on the back for the good it does in the world, but as Sunday night's ceremony proved, it is easier to congratulate yourself for a job well done in the past than to actually do that job in the present."

Now the only thing that can make me smile is Ben Stiller's green suit.

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