Sunday, February 26, 2006

Musical rants

To say I don't care about the WAMMIES is a false statement. After all, I was a little disappointed that our "Live at Blues Alley CD" didn't get nominated for best blues album, after we have sold close to 400 copies since its release last November. But I also also thrilled that Deanna Bogart and Big Joe Maher (finally!) won the blues vocalist awards this year, both of whom played with us at the Cabin Fever swing dance. We must be doing something right!

Mike Marcotte of Capital Blues says, "Clarence should've at least deserved a nomination." I agree, since Clarence has proven himself to be a well-rounded guitarist, vocalist, frontman, and entertainer, a rare quadruple threat in the DC blues scene (Bobby Parker comes closest to mind).

Simultaneously, I don't care for the WAMMIES because many nominees and winners were not well deserved. Gene was perceptive in pointing out that a few people who won in the jazz categories didn't sing or play "one note of jazz."

So do the WAMMIES mean something? Yes, it means you're recognized by your peers. To paraphrase Mary Shaver, playing with some of the best musicians in the region beats winning any WAMMIES. I've done just that in the past 3 years and quoting what Whop Frazier once said to me, "You have done quite well for yourself."

Played three fantastic gigs this weekend. That's all it matters.

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