Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More to the story

This story has taken an unexpected turn. While we all thought Mr. Whittington's condition was stable, he is now back at ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Slate has published a brilliant analysis on the case. Check out this great quote: "Aaron Burr was the last sitting vice president to shoot a man. He killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804. Since then, vice presidents have become known for attending funerals, not necessitating them."

I'm going to analyze the debacle from a purely colloquial standpoint. First, Cheney was going to shoot some quails (Dan Quayle - a Republican; George's Bush's vice president 1989-1993). By accident (or on purpose), he shot a fellow Republican Whittington. As Whittington's condition was getting stable over the weekend, the doctor said today he had a mild heart attack. This incident showcases the dog-eat-dog nature of the Republican party and the slow response from the White House. This incident shows that the Republicans are going downhill.

Shame on you, Dick!

P.S. Just a note to my readers - Why does the press neglect to even pinpoint the fundamental problem of this whole thing? As a hunter, you should make sure there's absolutely no human being before you shoot. Cheney has committed the fatal error as a hunter, and as a human being. A mistake that he'll have to pay for. But then, do you think he really cares, after so many people died in Iraq, for him?

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