Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reactions to Oscar noms...

I know it's cliche and lame for me to comment on this, but I decided to do it anyways.

This is by far the least surprising Oscar nom year. What happens to the old days when David Lynch was nominated Best Director for "Mulholland Drive," Sean Penn and Samantha Morton for "Sweet and Lowdown," Richard Farnsworth for "A Straight Story," and Terrence Malick for "The Thin Red Line"?

Definitely no "straight story" this year.

Anyway, I was hoping Walk The Line would make the Best Pic top 5 and Woody Allen for best director. But then an uninspired Spielberg snubbed those deserved nominations. "Munich" is by far Speilberg's worst film since "Jurassic Park II: The Lost World." Even a notch less inspired then the horrible "War of the Worlds." When is he going to make a good movie again?

I was really pleased to see Amy Adams being nominated for best supporting actress for "Junebug." First, that performance is so sweet and adorable. Many internet posters wonder if girls like that exist in real life. A big question mark for me too. Then I saw her in one episode of NBC's "The Office." Again, her cuteness blew my mind. I then dug up her filmography and found out she played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in "Catch Me If You Can" and realized that I had long been fascinated by her. She's going to be the next big thing in Hollywood.

Honestly, many films need to be recognized this year and the Oscars didn't do them justice. Here are some of my honorable mentions, in no particular order:

Match Point
The Wedding Crashers
Me and You and Everyone We Know
The Squid & The Whale
Walk The Line

Good night and good luck, everybody.

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