Friday, December 09, 2005

Something real

I reviewed some of the old posts I wrote this time of the year last year, and I wrote some pretty great stuff. I feel this year's Christmas has already passed me by, for our office already had our Christmas party last week. But I still haven't watched my annual Charlie Brown Christmas yet. Gotta love life.

My friend Kelvin has a good blog. He writes random thoughts in Chinese and is three times better a writer than I am. Ooohh, I need some hot apple cider.

This has been a musical year for me. Pam's death still hasn't registered and in addition to Pam, another Henley Park singer Sam Smith also passed. Henley Park said farewell to its jazz program. Cafe Toulouse closed again. The Majestic (old Ledbetter) re-opened. I got to hang out with the big boys, including Bob Margolin. 80+ solid gigs. All of these happened in the past 360 days! Just unbelievable. I told Mr. Margolin, everything about the industry is just hustling and surviving amidst nasty rumors, the truly great feeling comes from the moments you're on stage when everybody digs what you do and when you're enjoying yourself. And I have been highly successful in avoiding going to blues jams. I might've just been to one this year.

2006 is going to be a better year, I can sense it. I'm going to put more time in searching for my roots, not just music, but the law (I do love the law, you dig!), my writings, my desire to teach, and my sarcasm (need to refine it and bring it to a more profound level). For the record, I'm still the hippest cat in town. You just haven't seen nothing yet.

Some great movies are coming out: Brokeback, King Kong (the trailer looked awesome), Match Point, Geisha, etc. The bad movies just won't go away. I've gotta keep myself warm.

I'm still fascinated with Frederick's of Hollywood's Christmas catalog, KFC, Charles Schultz, Larry David, Ali G, Latte from Starbucks, Elvis's Christmas songs, Perry Como when I'm in the mood, I'm Rick James, bia-tch!

Bush is cornier than ethanol.

Frederick's of Hollywood. I adore you.

P.S. Joan posted this about DC. I think it's dead on.

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